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Welcome to ExactTracks.com. A completely unique production music site offering musical excellence from experienced award winning composers and musicians of the highest quality and using state of the art recording technology. What makes Exact Tracks a unique production music source is the fact that all of the compositions you will find on our site were composed with all of the qualities audio and video editors look for in a track. Qualities like definite intros and endings and the body of the compositions are created with multiple time formats and looping possibilities keeping in mind from an editor's point of view how to create concise and intentional sounding applications. We offer high quality tracks in multiple genres, ranging from techno to celtic, rock to reggae, orchestral to jazz and jazz fusion, classical, blues, R&B, country, news and broadcast themes and even the abstract.

Many of our clients tell us that after spending countless hours searching through other production music libraries and listening to many generic sounding tracks, they often find the perfect composition for their specific needs on ExactTracks.com. Shopping on our site is easy. Just click on the Music Tracks page, select a category and browse through our tracks. For speed and ease of use the files on our website are compressed mp3s. All files are available in a high res WAV file that can be downloaded once purchased. Contact us if you have specific file needs.

Thank you for visiting ExactTracks.com.

Our Services:

Unique Music Library
Original Music Composition
Underscores & Atmospheres
Licensing Agreements
Sound Design

Committed To High Quality Compositions Only!
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Personal Use
Single use in an event video (i.e. Wedding), a personal or student project, Social Media including any online only use for a Non-Profit organization.

All prices are for a one year licensing period.
Business Use
Single use for a business or organization, in a corporate video. slideshow, a monitized video (i.e. Youtube), social media or other business use, excluding advertising.

All prices are for a one year licensing period.
Premium Use
Film: (up to $10 million budget $1499
Advertisng Online: $799
Advertisng All Media: $5999
Cable or Satelite TV: $749
Network TV: $1999
Video Game All Media: $3499
Advertising Radio & Online: $1199
Advertising Local Radio & TV: $249

All prices are for a one year
licensing period.

Our Current Audio Licensing Prices:
Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for special uses such as film (budgets over $10 million), trailer use, worldwide use, apps, websites, or other items not listed below. Please read our Licensing Terms before purchasing.
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